Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thank God for the rescue?

Thank God?
It's a classic story. The poor woman has been buried under the rubble of her collapsed house for five days and when she is finally dug out, alive, she cries out her thanks to God for saving her life. Wasn't it God who sent the earthquake? And wasn't it human beings who, at great risk to themselves, actually saved her? If she really does believe that God saved her, what about the thousands who suffered for days before they died? Did God not give a hoot about the others?
What a weird kind of faith that is. It's not very nice if you ask me.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Rush Limbaugh (faugh) is a nasty vicious little demagogue. He is nasty because of his personal habit of hypocrisy, preaching family values with his 3 divorces and pill-popping past. The image of him going on Caribbean vacations with suitcases full of viagra is just too disgusting to pursue.
He is vicious because he uses his power and platform to foment hatred and meannness. He spews meanness like a playground bully while his sycophantic followers huddle in his gargantuan shadow like a Greek chorus. He is little because his aspirations are small, pitiful, to disrupt and destroy unity in this country. He fits the definition of a demagogue exactly, using hatred and fear to elevate himself and gain power and money.
What a creep.