Friday, October 29, 2010

Have you heard of Donald Henderson? How about Donald Trump?

Two white males named Donald, more or less the same generation. Everyone has heard of the second man. He is famous for being rich, tacky, and not very admirable in any way.
What do you know about Donald Henderson? Did you know he has saved millions of lives? No, he doesn't bomb or picket abortion clinics. His work saved real breathing human beings with names and lovers and children, and dreams for the future. He battled the most devastating scourge of humanity, placing himself at constant risk, in dangerous parts of the planet. He didn't do this alone. Unlike Mr. Trump, he worked with many other people, for small pay, no fame, and few comforts, to save humans from a foe that literally flays people alive.
Have you ever heard of smallpox?
There's a book out called "The Demon in the Freezer" by Richard Preston.  It's worth reading.
It might make you think about the kind of people we celebrate in this country, and why.

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