Saturday, November 16, 2013

The common theme that runs through all the right wing arguments for tax cuts, is that high taxes discourage the " producers " from working and doing whatever it is they do that is so important. Ronald Reagan famously told us that he cut back on making movies because his taxes were so  high that he didn't think it was worth his time to make more.
It occurs to me that we didn't lose very much by this. His movies stunk. Same thing with all the bankers and Wall Street jerks who claim that they need massive bonuses and low taxes to do what ever the hell it is they do. Maybe we would all be better off if they did something else with their time. The people who do the really important work, the medical health professionals, the teachers, the scientists, the janitors, the farm workers,  are all out there performing for wages that the one percent considers pocket change.

Raise those taxes again for heaven's sake, and let those John Galts retreat to their social darwinist enclaves. It will be fun watching them try to get by without all the little people who do the real work in this world.