Friday, January 21, 2011

States to renege on public pensions?

This is unbelievable. A proposal to allow states to declare bankruptcy and renege on their obligations to pay pensions to retired workers is apparently floating around. The Republican war on the middle class is gathering steam. Who are these people? Dumping all those old folks back into the employment pool at a time when there aren't enough jobs for young people trying to support growing children? Who can possibly imagine that will be good for our country? We need to revamp our history curriculum and teach our children about how horrible it was in the past when there were no checks on the powerful interests. When little children were forced to labor in factories, when homelessness and starvation forced whole families on the road, and desperate poverty burned fear into the hearts and minds of the survivors.
I have an idea. Let's bring the tax rates up to where they were when this country had money to pay its bills and invest in the future. Let's tax the people who have done very well for themselves during the past decade. It's time for them to pay for their comfortable lifestyles. Better they pay in taxes now, than in blood later, yes? This income disparity is the most dangerous thing our country has faced since the great depression. It's time to spread the wealth around a bit, Joe the fake Plumber. Remember  the French Revolution.