Friday, October 29, 2010

One trillion dollars and counting...

That is how much the (official appropriations) wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost us - on the books - so far. That doesn't take into account the medical costs, the loss of labor, the financial toll paid by families, and the opportunity costs.  Suppose we had invested one tenth of that amount in 1975 -when the OPEC oil countries began to exert their power and control the flow of oil. Suppose 100 billion dollars had been set aside for conversion to a sustainable economy based on renewable non-polluting resources.
Conservatives will say "it can't be done." That's what they always say. And then progressive leaders go ahead and get it done. Too bad we didn't have progressive leaders in the 80's when we could have avoided all this oil-fueled warfare.
I hope for our children's sake, we get some real progressive leaders soon.

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