Sunday, November 18, 2007

Why call it Brushfires?

Fire is a tremendously potent symbol for humans. We have used fire to warm ourselves and feed ourselves since Neanderthal times, maybe even earlier. One of our most powerful myths tells the story of Promethius, who defied the gods and suffers unending punishment, to bring the gift of fire to humans. We use fire to purify our food, to save us from dying in the frozen black night, to keep the wild animals, and nightmare spirits from our door.
We have used fire to fertilize the Earth, to purify heretic souls, and to symbolize the undying truths we can't otherwise express. The eternal flame at Arlington and the burning bush that spoke to Moses represent the divine spark that flickers in us all.
The real power of fire results from its ability to decompose matter to its essential elements; to clear away the brushy overgrown trash and reveal the underlying structure of truth.
I hope by writing my thoughts in here that I can clear away the debris in my cluttered mind and light a spark to share with others.

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