Sunday, September 19, 2010

Who deserves the credit?

We heard such an uproar from the pundits about the oil well being Obama's "Katrina" - despite the fact that there was no similarity between the two disasters aside from location. It was evidently Obama's fault that the well blew, his fault that the industry was corrupt, and his fault that the industry - with all the equipment and expertise - couldn't shut the damn thing up.
Well now the well is officially dead and where are the congratulations?
Since Obama got all the blame, doesn't he deserve at least part of the credit? He didn't put a lame incompetent crony in charge ('member Brownie?). No he called in all the smartest brains we have, put them to work, and solved the frigging problem in pretty much jig time. And he got BP to pony up and kiss a** pretty quick too.
Of course there was that idiot who apologized to BP (!!!!). Wasn't his name Joe Barton? A Republican too. Surprise, surprise.

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