Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The bloodbath

For two more years the red tide will work to cement in place their goal of a permanent Republican majority. The work has been proceeding since Reagan's tenure as they stacked the Supreme Court, dismantled protections for fair access to power, consolidated their hold on media, and gave away billions in tax cuts and outright gifts to the right-wing billionaires. Notice that there was one category of Americans who got richer while 99.9% of us bled out. The wealthiest of the rich - if they can't buy  political office outright, can certainly buy politicians who repay the favor by dispersing tax cuts and TARP funds (Bush administration) and favorable" business" environment, meaning no regulations or oversight at all.
I predict that the next two years will see a double dip into recession or outright depression, more war escalation, and loss of more protections against insurance companies, crooked financial companies, and tainted consumer goods. Taxes for the rich will go down even more. The estate tax will be eliminated. Consequently public services will decline, and the middle class will end up paying more for less in all essential areas, such as housing, food, transportation, and education.
Brilliant strategy because everyone will blame President Obama.  Like a drunk passenger who grabs the wheel while you are driving, and runs the car into a tree - and then says "I told you that you would wreck!".

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