Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Republicans make your brain happy.... and stupid

What makes your brain happy and why you should do the opposite.
It's a really interesting book by David DiSalvo. One of the most interesting tidbits deals with studies showing how we are unconsciously influenced by  short messages that are  repeated often. But the interesting thing is that these messages must not be  placed before us in a way that encourages close examination. These messages become part of the ambience so to speak. Fox "News" is the perfect example of how this propaganda technique is applied. The messages are crafted to be simple, short, and repeated in many different ways on each of their shows. It's the opposite of journalism, but disguised as serious media. How many times does Fox mistake Republican miscreants for Democrat? How many right-wing slurs and innuendos are spread by those plastic - groomed talking heads? It's exactly the same a massively funded advertising campaign. And it works, too.

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