Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hero or Traitor?

I don't know about Snowdon. The information needs to be made public. We all should be aware of how much information the government ( and commercial interests for that matter) collects about us, our every thought and deed. We give so much away on blogs, facebook, credit cards we use, and "customer loyalty cards" we get from the grocery stores. There is a difference between giving it away and having it forcibly extracted. In some contexts we call that rape. Snowdon shouldn't have gone to the Ruskies, but then again what choice did he have? In the pre-9/11 era, the pre-Bush era, he might have been able to get a fair hearing, and a chance at a fair trial. Not so in today's America of torture and secret prisons.

Anyone remember Bradly Manning? Is he even alive? Is there a chance that poor tortured soul has any shreds of sanity left?

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