Sunday, January 12, 2014

Unfit to govern

The only conclusion we can draw from the notorious emails about the George Washington  bridge lane closures, is that public officials, appointed by Chris Christie to serve the public, instead used their power to deliberately sabotage the public safety and well-being. That must be against the law, surely. If it isn't, it needs to be - starting last year. It really doesn't matter so much why they did it. It's not as if there could be an acceptable excuse in any case. So what does that say about the Christie administration? They are felons, or capable of felonious conduct, and stupid as all get out. These were Christie's right hand men and women. Why would they cook up a scheme like this all on their own, if they believed that their boss wouldn't approve? Why would they imagine that the Governor of the state would approve of actions that would cost so much money and risk to lives and livelihoods? There is clearly a culture of retribution and power-mad politics in Christie's administration.

Christie has a reputation for bullying those who oppose him.  Now we see his staff are also bullies, on a scale that hurt thousands of the taxpayers who paid their salaries. Christie is a dangerous man. He is unfit to govern, at any speed.

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